Christmas time in October? Advertising business says yes

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Christmas time in October? Advertising business says yes

Despite the fact that Christmas every year start sometime at the end of December, the marketing teams start their mission to remind us of the holidays already in October. Well, some “slowpokes” may wait with their well-planned campaigns till November. Christmas is a big thing. We won’t argue that. But why the rush?

The ad strikes again

The researchers and economists are looking into the advertising campaigns that aim at making the consumers feel the jolly, magical atmosphere every time they pass the shopping mall or open a new website page. The main point is to mobilize the people to start planning gifts for their beloved ones. Many producers will not miss the opportunity to remind us what the Christmas gift should include – a Santa Clause made of chocolate, an advent calendar with candies or edible snow. Once we, as consumers, get that, there comes the time for proper ads on TV and the Internet. The creativity boost that you experience while watching it may be overwhelming. However, for the past few years it is difficult to beat the Coca-cola trucks setting off for a tour around the world that we can follow online.

Lack of support?

The early Christmas campaigns are being criticized mainly for one reason. There is a less jolly holiday at the 1st November. The All Saints Day is by many advertising companies treated as a taboo. Once we pass the date the Christmas ads are completely acceptable and in demand. But there are some who disregard this unspoken rule and introduce their ideas for picture-perfect Christmas as early as in October. Shopping malls also take up the challenge. It seems like just overnight the torch and candle changes into a Christmas Tree and one of a kind special offer on electronic goods. There is this saying in Poland – if you do not know what it’s all about, it’s about money Big Money in this particular case. As Deloitte’s research shows, a polish family spends over 1100 zlotys on gifts. And the sum is probably growing every year. That is something worth fighting for. Why not use this opportunity to make a good story and encourage people to use their savings up? That’s why the marketing specialists try hard to come up with original, unique ideas for engaging campaigns that will attract potential customers and their families. And as we live in the times when marketing is not just about creating an ad but making it fast – the time to reach your leads before your competitors do shrinks.


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