We will become rich

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We will become rich

We just have to wait twenty years. With the death of the previous generation, the families will inherit large estates that will affect their overall property value. And at least that's what experts in finance say.

They inherited millions

This process has already begun. There are dozens of young millionaires to whom parents have already handed over their belongings collected during the Polish People's Republic. Łukasz Wejchert, Jan Kulczyk, Mikołaj Placek and Tomasz Domogała are just a few of many twenty-year-old millionaires. Of course, the property was managed by the parents before, but as the children grew up, the process of transferring ownership began. Most of them, however, first underwent business training or were given the condition to complete business studies before gaining access to millions of zlotys. There is a conflict between economists, is it better to invest to become one of the richest people in the world, or is it possible only if you already have inherited property and use it sparingly. In Poland, heirs are definitely the richest.


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